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Jack Meets A Dinosaur ๐Ÿฆ– | Riding the waterslide!

Jack Meets A Dinosaur | Part 2 | Bedtime Stories For Kids

2021-06-16 8 min

Bedtime Stories For Kids: Jack Meets A Dinosaur ๐Ÿฆ– | Riding the Waterslide!!

The story continues as Mr D the Dinosaur suddenly stands in Jacks bedroom! Mr D is ready to play and they decide to make their way to the waterpark. Jack is having the best time ever as he gets an entire waterpark to himself and thus he goes off all the slides as many times as he wants!

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โค๏ธ - Mike
Jack Meets A Dinosaur | Part 2 | Bedtime Stories For Kids

The second episode of this week's sleep story. Today we pick up exactly where we left off the last episode: Jack discovers that Mr. D the Dinosaur is in his bedroom. Mr. D wants to go out and play but what to do and where to go? (Especially late at night?)

Luckily Mr. D has the spare keys to the waterpark and that's exactly where Jack and Mr. D end up going! They spend the evening trying out all the pools and riding all the slides! How fun is it to have an entire waterpark to yourself?ย 

After riding the slides the attention turns to the diving board! Who has the better cannonball? What do you think? Is it Jack or Mr. D the Dinosaur?

Join this week's bedtime stories for Kids adventure: Jack Meets A Dinosaur and don't forget to leave a review and get in touch! As I would love to include your kids in the next adventure!ย