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Kyle is moving houses which means he gets a new bedroom! That is super exciting. What Kyle doesn't know however is that Kyle's Mom has arranged for a new family member to join the family: Solar The Mini Horse.

This, as at the new house there is a HUGE garden with a lot of space!

And as Solar the horse arrives it means that someone has to create a new bedroom for Solar the same way as Kyle is getting a new bedroom.

Want to know more? Then listen to find out!

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๐Ÿ’š Your Host Mike is 34 and has spent over 10 years of his life working with children aged 4-12 as a weekend support volunteer. From that experience, Mike realized that one of the things he enjoyed most was to tell fun, exciting and spontaneous stories that made kids laugh and put a smile on their faces - and that is exactly what he is trying to do when writing, recording, editing and publishing these bedtime stories for kids! ๐Ÿ’š

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Kyle is moving house! This means he is saying goodbye to his old bedroom and house before getting in the car and driving to his new home.

On arrival at the new house, Kyle goes exploring and quickly runs upstairs to pick his new bedroom. (Of course, he takes the biggest room!) when the doorbell rings:

2 Movers and 1 animal caretaker are standing outside as they wish to deliver a mini-horse. But Kyle's family doesn't own a mini-horse... that is until Kyle's mom surprises Kyle with the news that they are indeed getting a mini horse as the garden of the new house is sooooooo big.

It is Kyle's job to name the horse and he comes up with the name: Solar The Mini Horse!ย 

Kyle realizes that Solar The Mini Horse is going to need a place to sleep. So he wants to transform the shed in the garden into the perfect bedroom for Solar, the same way as Kyle is getting a new bedroom himself.