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Raj And His Fortress ๐Ÿฐ | A Sleep Story Just For You #3

Bedtime Stories For Kids | Episode 3 | A Sleep Story just for you

2021-06-09 7 min

Raj Rules His Fortress ๐Ÿฐ | A Sleep Story Just For You #3

In today's sleep story we meet Raj! Raj has turned the attic of his house into his very own fortress! Inside he is the king of attic land where he aims to do only good deeds! Want to find out what good deed Raj is doing today? Then listen to today's sleep story!ย 

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Bedtime Stories For Kids Podcast / A Sleep Story For You

Today we meet Raj who has turned his attic into a fortress. Using pillows, blankets, a suitcase, and anything that he can find he has turned his attic into his very own fortress! As the king of attic-land it is his job to make sure that the people living in attic land have a great experience hence Raj focuses his time on doing good deeds! In today's sleep story this is no different as Raj is introducing a movie-day for everyone!ย 

Join us for another fun-filled adventure!ย  ย 

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