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Sharon Meets The Mayor ๐Ÿฆ„ | A Sleep Story For You #15

A Sleep Story For You | Episode 15 | Bedtime Stories For Kids

2021-08-06 6 min

Sharon wants a new playground for all the kids in the area. But who is responsible for building one? It has to be the Mayor. But how do you get in touch with the Mayor?

Sharon decides to call and simply ask the Mayor for a brand new playground. To Sharon's surprise the Mayor decides to come and visit. Do you think the Mayor can be persuaded to build a brand new playground?

Want to know more? Then listen to find out!

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โค๏ธ - Mike
Sharon looks outside of her window and stares at an old field. A field that would be perfect for a brand new playground.

But who is going to build a playground there? Who could Sharon ask for this? Could it be the Mayor?

Sharon decides to call Mayor Rose and simply ask if she would be willing to build a brand new playground so that all the kids that are living in the area could have a place to meet, play and have lots of fun.

To Sharon's surprise, Mayor Rose suggests coming and visit Sharon, and together they can take a look.

An hour later Mayor Rose rings the doorbell and she joins Sharon on a walk through the area where they end up at the field that would be perfect for the new playground.

Joined by all the kids that live in Sharon's street... will the Mayor be convinced and build a new playground?

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