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Colters Real Life Hotwheels Car ๐ŸŽ๏ธ | A Sleep Story For You #20

A Sleep Story For You | Episode 20 | Bedtime Stories For Kids

2021-08-25 6 min

Colter loves his Hotwheels car collection! One afternoon, whilst at the kitchen table, he decides to draw his dream Hotwheels car! Later that night, when he wants to go to sleep he can hear a car racing through his street! And even if the car flashes by.... was this the exact same car that he just drew on a piece of paper?

Want to know more? Then listen to find out!

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Colter loves playing with his Hotwheels. Today is no different but after playing for a while he goes down to the kitchen and he asks his mom what he should do:

His mom suggested he should create a drawing of his dream Hotwheels car and thus he spends the rest of the afternoon creating a drawing of a unique Hotwheels car.

That evening Colter goes to bed when as he falls asleep he can hear a race car racing through his street so he jumps out of bed to try and see if he can spot this car!

As the car races past his house he cannot believe his eyes? Did his dream Hotwheels car just drive by his house? How can that be?

When at that moment his mom calls his name and he has to jump straight into bed....ย 

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Die Episode zum nachlesen.

Welcome to bedtime stories for kids. My name is Mike. I am super excited that you're joining me today. Are you ready for today's adventure today? We have a story for Colter who's seven years old and living in Arizona. Now, if you want me to create a story just for you, then simply. Any grownup to get in touch. Speaking of grownups, Hey grown-ups did you noted that the very best way to support this podcast is to simply request a story, visit bedtime stories for kids.co to go and request your very own story. And those listening through apple podcasts or any kind of apple device do leave a five-star review as well as that helps me out a tremendous amount. And it's such an easy thing to do. Now, if you're ready for today's adventure, then I'm ready for today's adventure. Colter. I hope that you're ready as well. Can we all raise our right footand our right arm as high into the sky as we can! Countdown with me 4 3, 2 0 1 Colter is in his bedroom. He's playing on the floor with his heart rate. He has a super collection of cars that he likes to play with. There are the super fast, hot wheels and the ones that are a little bit bigger and slower, but it's just amazing to play. But Colter decides that for now he had enough and he goes down to the kitchen. He sits down at the kitchen table and he asks his mom, Hey mom, what should I do? I already play with my hot wheels. I have an idea, moms. Why don't you take a big piece of paper from over there, grab your pencils and why don't you draw the most amazing, super awesome hot wheel card you can think of. Yes, I'm going to do that. So Colter spends the next hour at the kitchen table drawing an amazing hot wheels. It's a blue car with white stripes and it's super fast and it makes a unique sound that has also green lights. And it's just amazing. So one day I am going to own this car. Colton says to himself that evening colder and his family have dinner. They're having pizza and not much after Colter is getting tired and he slowly is getting ready for it. Goodnight everyone. He says, as he wants to walk to his bedroom, uh aren't you forgetting something? Mom asks, oh yeah, my drawing, of course. And as he walks up to the bedroom, he goes there with the drawing of his awesome hot wheels car. In his hand, it's time to go to sleep. Colter takes a deep breath and another, our deeper. And he's getting more tired and more tired and even more tired and even more tired when suddenly Colter gets up in bed. He listens again. Opens the curtains and looks down from his bedroom window. When suddenly he sees two lights driving into the street, but not, you know, those yellow, normal car lights. No they're green and they get bigger and bigger. As this car gets closer and closer, the carpet picks up speed and goes quicker and quicker and it raises possible there's house super quick. Oh, wait a minute. Can't be Colter walks back to his bed where he had placed a drawing off his super awesome mega hot wheels car. He looks at his drawing and he thinks did this car just drive by my house. He gets back into bed and he goes back to sleep. When about 10 minutes after again, he can't hear the sound of the car. Colter jumps back out of bed, runs to the window. And there it is. You cannot believe it. The blue hot wheels car with white stripes and green lights. And of course this funny horn since right in front of his house, how can this be? He asks himself, this is an amazing car. Colter opens up the window and starts waving. The real life, hot wheels, car flashes. It's green lights to wave back at Colter. This is awesome. Colter. Are you awake? His mom calls his name and call to raise us back into bed quickly. When his mom enters the bed. Oh, you left the window open. His mom says, no wonder you cannot sleep. It is too cold in this room and she closes his bedroom window. Colter can hear his hot wheel car drive away in the distance. One day when I'm all done. I'm going to drive this car. He thinks to himself, and then he falls sleep with that. And today's episode, please do share with all your friends and your family. I hope you had fun. Join me in the next adventure. And if you want me to create a story just for you then simply ask any grownup to get in touch. So with that being said, I wish you good night or wish you sweet dreams. If you are not yet going to sleep, I wish you an amazing. Day and I will see you in the next adventure.