What direction is the NFT space taking, and how can creators and collectors adapt to the ever-changing world of crypto?

In enterNFT Podcast’s weekly episodes, multi-disciplinary artist and seasoned NFT creator Luvcraft lays out the fundamentals of NFTs and investigates the newest developments and trends, so you can stay on top of things.

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EP58 - What Are Layer One Blockchains?

Exploring layer one blockchains, their limitations and scaling solutions

20.09.2023 8 min Efe Bravo

Layer one blockchains are like the foundation of a building; They are the base on which layer two blockchains are built. In this episode, we’re getting to the core of what layer one blockchains are, and how scaling them is essential for NFTs. 

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EP57 - The AI Wars episode III: Motion and the Third Dimension

The world of 3D and video production may never be the same again

13.09.2023 11 min

While the AI wars rage on and this new technology still faces angry opposition from many different directions, it is becoming obvious that there is no way ba...

EP56 - Redefining NFT Scarcity

An Exploration of Inclusive Editions and Broader Adoption

06.09.2023 9 min

In the realm of NFTs, scarcity has been both a driving force and a potential stumbling block on the path to mainstream adoption. As the debate unfolds, it’s ...

EP55 - MiCA: Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation

Examining the newly approved MiCA regulation

30.08.2023 8 min

The Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCAR) was approved by the European Council in April and ratified in May by the EU’s Economic and Financial Affairs ...