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form x Driving the Human: Sedekah Benih with Vincent Rumahloine

09.02.2023 30 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Welcome to our third episode recorded at the Driving the Human festival in Berlin! If you’re living in a city, you’re probably familiar with some kind of urban gardening project – maybe there’s even one in your neighborhood. Artist Vincent Rumahloine and environmental activist Mang Dian are part of the worldwide movement, they also founded an urban gardening project in their home town of Bandung, Indonesia. But what exactly makes the project called Sedekah Benih (“Sharing Seeds”) so unique? First, they’re only harvesting chili plants. Second, they are using traditional Indonesian ways of making music to communicate with the plants. Also, the space has gotten a life on its own: With various activities like cooking competitions (“Who makes the best chili paste?”) it is slowly becoming a safer space for the LGBTQIA community of Bandung. 

Hosted by Anton Rahlwes and Nina Sieverding 
Audio Editing: Niklas Münch

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