Hughbert is anything but an ordinary podcast!

It's more like a vlog minus the video!

You see, I believe podcasting should be more than just an obsession with having the best audio quality and finding the most interesting guest for yet another hour-long interview.

What if you could actually be there, in that very moment vs a recollection of happenings recorded in a silent basement told months after.

Life is about living in the moment and that's exactly what I'm sharing:

My life, as I chase after my dreams, building my business from around the world!

I travel, explore, share my highs and lows, build my business, make mistakes, and celebrate successes!

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For those unaware: Too Good To Go is a concept that partners with all sorts of food-based businesses: Cafe’s, restaurants, supermarkets, etc and it allows them to sell mystery boxes for super low prices and sell the food that remained unsold and is ‘’too good to go’’.

What do I think about Too Good To Go

In short: it’s a hit or miss, as you never know what you are going to get! However, I do believe you get great value for money and if you are a creative person you should be able to make great use of whatever products you get!

Also, if you are living in a larger city the supply of boxes and selection of stores/cafes and restaurants is much larger hence you can really develop a too goo to go mystery box strategy: Making sure you always get the type of food you are looking for.

Personally, I will keep an eye on this and if the restaurant/supermarket is right and if the offer is great: I will make sure to snag box after box!

Too Good To Go: I am a big fan!

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