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Never Just Accept is on a missing to make sure that you are able to negotiate your next job offer with: confidence, clarity & strategy!

You see we often tend to think that negotiating is only for the selected few or that we can only negotiate the salary part of our job offer when in reality we can negotiate anything from our title to working location to negotiating our working hours!

On average we rate our negotiation skills a 3/10 hence there is so much we can improve when it comes to our job offer negotiation skills.

Topics such as: asking for a raise, salary negotiation strategies, two job offers, how to accept and decline a job offer etc are all covered!

If you are someone that says: I know I could have done better at my last job offer negotiation then this is the podcast for you!
5 Salary Negotiation Tips

Many people struggle to effectively negotiate their salary offers. So today I want to make it a bit easier and give you 5 salary negotiation tips that anyone can implement no matter where they are in the world. These salary negotiation tips are universal and if implemented can really help you achieve the salary goals you have!

1 Be the first to ask for clarity on the salary that is on offer
2 Always give a range
3 Give a range that is based on competition
4 Position your range that benefits you
5 Be very specific (Harder for your future employer to negotiate)

I hope these 5 tips are helpful and that you can put them to good use!

If you have any salary negotiation tips to share then I would love to hear them! Similarly, if you have successfully negotiated an offer with any of these tips then I would equally love to hear from you!

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About Mike
Starting as a college drop-out working for $10 an hour in a call center to earning well into the 6 figures (tax-free)! I realized that whilst there was nothing special about me, the one thing I was good at was negotiating great offers! So after working at various companies for 15+ years, I decided to leave my career behind and focus on teaching people how to get better and confident at negotiating job offers!

About Never Just Accept
Never Just Accepts teaches people how to negotiate their next job offer with confidence, clarity, and confidence! We do this through our 1/1 coaching program. For more information get in touch today! We would be happy to teach you how to negotiate your dream job offer!