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Welcome to Life With Michael, My name is Mike and I share real-life and real-time adventures of my life as an expat in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is my personal audio diary documenting my experiences, thoughts, stories, highs, and lows with regards to living in Thailand. These are raw and real recordings and I invite you along to come join me as I relocated to Bangkok and build a brand new life in Thailand. (Life in Thailand is an adventure for sure!)

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LWM 19 - I bought a spinning bike in Bangkok (No social distancing in Bangkok)

If you know me then you will know that my favorite thing to do in terms of exercise is indoor cycling: spinning! I have spent the last few days trying to figure out where I can get a bike and today I finally found a great deal, made it happen and my spinning bike arrived at my apartment. (And I could not be any happier)

Of course, I am taking my first spinning class (online) to try out my bike and after this I head into town, meeting a friend and I find myself making my way to what used to be one of my favorite hang-out spots: Central Embassy Open House - Co Thinking space. This used to be an amazing place with a fantastic view, truly inspirational but for some reason, 12 months later since my last visit: This is no more? I am feeling disappointed but not sure as to why :)

As I make my way back home I am realizing how in Bangkok there is no such thing as social distancing. Taking in consideration the super low COVID-19 cases in Thailand perhaps social distancing is also not needed? But it is still an interesting observation :)

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