Let's talk about chess

Eric van Reem
"Let's talk about chess" is a podcast hosted by Dutch chess writer and photographer Eric van Reem. In this podcast Eric talks with various interesting personalities from the chess world about their life and careers, but he also keeps an eye on the current situation in the chess world. 

Host       : Eric van Reem
Artwork  : Fränk Stiefel
Editor     : Dennis van Reem
Music     : Silent Partner - Chess Pieces

Latest episode

In episode 27 of the podcast, which is another special "Candidates Storytellers" episode, Eric talks to one of the best and most famous chess journalists in the world: Leontxo Garcia Olasagasti (1956), who is a Spanish lecturer, presenter, commentator and journalist specialized in chess. 

Tireless chess propagandist, Leontxo promotes the teaching of this game to both children (in Spanish schools and abroad and adults. "Regular chess exercise improves brain aging and may even be useful in preventing Alzheimer's and other senile dementias", he says. 

Leontxo Garcia was awarded a medal for sporting achievements in Spain, he is included in FIDE’s Golden Book for his services to chess, he was given an award by the University of Oviedo for exceptional efforts in promoting culture and he was recognised with a national chess award. 

Today, Leontxo Garcia remains one of the leading chess journalists in Europe, who attends all the major contemporary competitions. “Chess is a golden mine practically unexplored by the press!” the famous observer likes to remark. And: he is one of the nicest persons in the chess business. 

More episodes

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