Let's talk about chess

Eric van Reem
In this episode Eric talks to the Russian grandmaster Andrey Deviatkin. Andrey decided to quit his chess career a couple of years ago, because he wanted to try something else: Chess960. But why did Andrey stop playing "traditional chess"? He said: "I understood that chess has become an absolutely different game from the one I have played in my childhood and youth. The computer has changed it dramatically. I have been working hard to become a chess grandmaster, but now my interest is over". Enough to talk about in this episode! 
You can follow Andrey on Twitter: @AndreyDeviatkin

You can find an excellent blog about FRC/Chess960 by Mark Weeks here, with some contributions by Andrey.

Want to know more about the rules and history of Chess960? Go to Wikipedia.

Chess world champion Magnus Carlsen says: "I would love to see more Fischer [Random] Chess being played over-the-board in a classical format". More here: https://new.uschess.org/news/were-trying-grow-chess-interview-magnus-carlsen

Host       : Eric van Reem
Guest     : GM Andrey Deviatkin (RUS)
Editor     : Dennis van Reem
Artwork  : Fränk Stiefel
Music     : Chess Pieces-Silent Partner

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