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Marc Philippe Beaujean
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Making a game is hard - the Moonlight Game Devs podcast highlights the stories of game developers and their struggles, as well as the lessons learned. This show is for anyone considering to start or grow their own games business, or curious individuals who want to get a better understanding of what it takes to create some of their favourite entertainment.

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The Story of a BAFTA Winning Indie Game Developer

Dan Marshall shares his startup story, winning a BAFTA and much more.

2020-11-27 42 min

Size Five Games is a two-man indie games studio. One of the members is Dan Marshall, a BAFTA award winning game developer who joins me to talk about his indi...

Tips on getting started in Hyper Casual

Steven and David of Mana Break Studios share how they got started with Hyper Casual.

2020-11-20 35 min

Mana Break Studios is a Hyper Casual Studio founded by 2 Friends that met at University. Now, they stand before releasing their first game with a publisher. ...

How to make Hit Games with a Hyper Casual Publisher

Erdem and Gocke of Matte Studios share working with Voodoo and HC game dev tipps

2020-11-13 38 min

Hyper Casual has been a growing phenomenon in the mobile gaming space for the last 5 years - games that make a vast majority of their revenue through adverti...

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