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The Story of a BAFTA Winning Indie Game Developer
Dan Marshall shares his startup story, winning a BAFTA and much more.


Size Five Games is a two-man indie games studio. One of the members is Dan Marshall, a BAFTA award winning game developer who joins me to talk about his indie game dev...
Tips on getting started in Hyper Casual
Steven and David of Mana Break Studios share how they got started with Hyper Casual.


Mana Break Studios is a Hyper Casual Studio founded by 2 Friends that met at University. Now, they stand before releasing their first game with a publisher.  The two d...
How to make Hit Games with a Hyper Casual Publisher
Erdem and Gocke of Matte Studios share working with Voodoo and HC game dev tipps


Hyper Casual has been a growing phenomenon in the mobile gaming space for the last 5 years - games that make a vast majority of their revenue through advertising. Matt...
Ex-CIA Agent Relocates To Start A Games Business
Nathaniel Ayer shares the interesting story behind the development of his tactical JRPG, Himeko Sutori.


Nathaniel Ayer moved to Egypt with his Family to build Himeko Sutori, to reduce his cost of living to the point where he can work fulltime on the JRPG tactics game he ...
Lessons From Experimenting In A Mature Genre
Greg Kurek shares developing a Beat 'Em Up that uses an alternative control scheme.


Greg Kurek is creative director at Mass Creation, an indie games studio that is known for its mobile games. They took the dive into premium Steam and Console titles wi...
Mobile Indie Game Hit Creator Shares His Journey
Ivan Panachenko shares how he built two mobile games that got him the "Indie Game of the Year" award on the PlayStore.


Ivan Panasenko is the creator of Ailment and Endurance, two mobile games with thousands of downloads on the Apple and Google App stores. He is also known for creating ...
How These Indie Devs Are Building Their Dream Game
Bogdan Radu from Lowpoly interactive shares the story behind the development of Viking Vengeance.


Lowpoly Interactive is a games studio with a background in casual mobile games, whos founder has now decided to pursure the development of their dream game. That game ...
Should Indie Developers Go Free To Play? (Decks and Dungeons)
James Bernard shares why his company is pivoting to the premium pricing model.


James Bernard is the founder of Springloaded Ltd., an indie games company with a background in free to play mobile. James shares how he founded his company, beginning ...
Jumping Into Fulltime Indie Dev Without Prio Experience (Frontline Zed)
Richard East shares the development of Frontline Zed.


Richard East is the solo developer of Frontline Zed, a zombie defense game that is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.We had a discussion about his head first dive...
10+ Years of Postal Development (Postal 4)
Chat with Mike Jaret from Running With Scissors on how they developed the Postal games series.


The Postal series made its mark in the gaming space as the first game to allow players to attack and urinate on innocent bystanders. Now, Postal 4 is about to release ...
Acing Developer-Publisher Relations (Fury / Rogue Masters)
Interview with executives from Loopowl and Mainleaf


Happy to present the first 4-person interview for the podcast! Matt and JeeDee, founders of Loopowl, as well as Moises from Mainleaf join me to share how the two compa...
Why This Hacking Simulator Went Viral (Hacknet / Wrestledunk Sports)
Matt Trobbiani shares how he turned his game jam game into an indie hit and his approach to developing his upcoming game, Wrestledunk Sports.


Today, I had a chat with Matt Trobbiani on his hit game, a hacking simulator, and his upcoming sports title Wrestledunk Sports.His first game, a result of a game jam t...
Launching VR Side Projects (Stacksquatch)
Justin Scott shares the story behind his VR Puzzle Game


Justin Scott is a fulltime software engineer, who works on his VR games at night. I checked in with him to find out more about the development of his latest game, Stac...
How To Build A Fun Deckbuilder (Dungeon Top)
Chat with Bryn Welch, lead designer for One Up Plus Entertainment, on how they went about creating their latest card brawler.


Bryn Welch is the lead designer on Dungeon Top by One Up Plus Entertainment, a 3 person indie games studio. They share the story of their latest game, Dungeon Top.Amon...
How Gang Beasts Became A Massive Indie Hit
Chat with Michael Brown on the making of their game Gang Beasts, the massive indie success that took the influencer world by storm.


Gang Beasts is a highly successful indie game, grossing millions in revenue and was also nominated for the British Academcy Games Awards for best multiplayer game. I h...
From Disney Game Designer to Indie Developer (Pro Gymnast)
Tim Fitz Randolph shares how he went from working at Disney for many years to making his own sports game.


Timophy Fitz Randolph has spent over 10 years making games, including the mobile hit "Where is my Water?" as lead designer at Disney! Now, due recent circumstances, he...
Managing A Strategy Games Company (Old World)
An interview with Mohawk Games CEO Leyla Johnson on building Old World


Leyla Johnson is the CEO of Mohawk Games, a company founded by her husband Soren. The title that they are currently working on is called Old World, available on early ...
Making a Game YouTuber Friendly (Jet Island Pt. 2)
Eric Tereshinski shares insights into how he created his action packed, open world VR game.


VR has popularised a new wave of sword fighting games, one of these first titles was Sword Master VR develope by Eric Tereshinski (commonly known under his YouTube ali...
Fundamentals of a Fun VR Game (Jet Island Pt. 1)
Eric Tereshinski shares insights into how he created his action packed, open world VR game.


Eric Tereshinski (commonly known under his YouTube alias MasterIndie) has been creating game development tutorials and participating in game jams for a long time. For ...
Making A Successful Game While Learning To Code (Warsim)
Huw Millward shares how learning C++ lead to him creating a successful game in an unexpected niche.


BLOOPERS AT THE END OF THE EPISODE!Huw Millward's journey into game development began with him wanting to teach himself how to code in C++ by making simple console tex...
Using Godot For A Commercial Game (Primal Light)
One of the developers of Primal Light shares how they made their game.


Primal Light is a linear action platformer designed by a two-man team, Fat Gem Games. One of the developers joined me to share the story behind their game.As a result ...
Why This Main Character Has Only One Arm (IMPACT)
Developer of IMPACT shares why the protagonist only has one arm.


Matt Larrabee is the solo developer behind Greylock Studios and the upcoming bullettime FPS IMPACT.In this interview discussion, he shared how the resource constraints...
Learnings From Going Indie After AAA (Socketeer)
Tom Goodchild on how he went from Games Employee to Solo Developer


Tom Goodchild has spent all of his career working at games companies of various sizes. He shares some of the things that he had done at these companies as an employee ...
Building Open Worlds As An Indie Studio (Wild West and Wizards)
Chat with Lavaboots Studio on Wild West and Wizards


Lavaboots Studios are the two-man team behind the open world games "Salt" and their latest game: "Wild West and Wizards". In this interview discussion, they shared the...
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