Purpose Driven

Andy Bruckschloegl
Since 04/2021 6 episodes
Climate change is on everyone's mind, but what can we really do to contribute? 

I'm Andy Bruckschloegl, a successful serial entrepreneur from Munich trying to answer this very question. In this podcast I document my journey of learning and trying to understand how myself and fellow founders and CEOs can use our platform and voice to drive change, both as individuals and through their companies. 
Join me as I talk to some of the worlds most successful CEOs about how their companies are addressing climate change. 

Episode 5 - Anna Alex, Founder & COO of Planetly

by Andy Bruckschloegl

2021-07-17 20 min

Anna Alex describes her purpose of founding Planetly.com and how her technology helps leading everyone's company into a carbon neutral future. 

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Episode 4 - Tristan Foerster, Co-Founder of Climate Partners

by Andy Bruckschloegl

2021-06-25 38 min

Tristan Foerster explains in our interview today, how his company Climate Partners helps other companies to permanently integrate the topic of climate protec...

Episode 3 - Fridtjof Detzner, Co-Founder of Planet A Ventures

2021-06-01 21 min

Fridtjof Detzner, the Co-Founder of Planet A Ventures, is having a chat with Andy today. He explains why it is important to supports founders tackling the wo...

Episode 2 - Hannah Wickes, CMO of Ecosia

2021-05-11 31 min

Today's guest is Hannah Wickes, CMO of Ecosia.org. She gives a lot of background and insights on the search engine that plants trees. 

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