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Talking Watrmelon
Dear Listeners, Welcome to my podcast the curious car show. Here you’ll find me talking about cars and my opinions about everything in life. And I actually got no real plan about podcasting, but it will be great anyways. So take yourself something to drink and enjoy. By the way if you want to share an opinion with me or giving me some sort of productive feedback send it at or simply send me a message on twitter @tcc_show.

A new old BMW

Greetings from Munich

2021-07-22 14 min

Dear Listeners, yes as you see I'm back in front of the mic. Today its all about the new BMW 2 Series and so much in advance... I like it. So stop bothering about the tragic loss of England at the euros and listen to this episode.

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…Little Opinion about E-Fuels

Lets talk about different drive concepts

2021-06-25 11 min

Dear Listeners,this is the second part of the 8th episode. Here I take a short look on E-Fuels and talk about drive concepts. So finish your lunch and listen...

Another facelift and some cars in Mexico

I break down the facelift from BMW and some news about a new Forza Horizon

2021-06-23 15 min

Dear listeners, today it's all about BMW facelifts of the x3 and x4, also we take a short glimpse on the upcoming Forza Horizon 5. So grab yourself a cup of ...

3sum without a roof

An absolutely professional ranking of speedsters

2021-06-10 11 min

Dear Listeners, today it's time for a ranking. I rank my top three current speedsters. Thats it. So stop learning for school and listen to this podcast.