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Shaleen & Phil
We are Shaleen and Phil 👋🏽

A Berlin based couple that quit their jobs to go on a trip through Latin America for a year. 

In “we wander why” we attempt to look deeper into the evolution of local customs and cultures: Why can you get fresh baguette everywhere in Tunisia? Why are rules and order so deeply rooted in German culture? Why is Mexico so colourful? 

With this podcast we attempt to capture the small, unique details we often leave unnoticed but that form the world and culture around us and get to their root by talking to locals and discussing our findings.

Listen in to get in touch with the curiosity and wonder you usually only feel when traveling someplace you’ve never been before.

Welcome to we wander why!
This year we spend Christmas away from home. A season that is full of traditions and customs that we held on to for decades.

And whilst we try to still include some of these German traditions into our trip (we brought our own miniature Christmas tree which we’ll decorate), we are very interested in customs that are important to the countries and cultures we visited so far on this trip.

So this episode we don’t wander why, but wander what these local traditions are.


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Stay curious and see you next time!


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