Better English Better Business

Daniel Nicol, Patric Fabian
Step into the world of global business communication with the vibrant and engaging Better English, Better Business podcast! Brought to you by Einzelkind Media, this weekly show is your ticket to mastering the art of English in the modern business arena.

Join our seasoned host, Daniel Nicol from Better English Better Business, with 17 years of experience in elevating German professionals' English proficiency. Daniel's expertise in language training shines through in each episode, offering listeners practical and impactful guidance.
Alongside Daniel is our dynamic co-host Patric Fabian. As the CEO of Creapolis GmbH, founder of Einzelkind Media, and a dedicated student of Daniel's, Patric brings his unique insights into our conversations. His journey from student to co-host as a business leader himself adds a relatable and enriching dimension to the show.
Better English, Better Business isn't just about lessons; it's about real, lively discussions on business, life, and the myriad of topics in between. Our hosts' chemistry and approachable style make learning English an enjoyable and valuable experience.

But that's not all - we spice things up with occasional guest interviews featuring various experts from the German business world. These special episodes provide a diverse range of perspectives and insights, enriching your learning experience.
This podcast is tailored for German professionals eager to refine their English language skills in a relaxed, conversational setting. Whether you want to improve your grammar, pronunciation, or cultural understanding, Better English, Better Business is your go-to source.

Join us for a blend of fun, learning, and real-world application, and start making your mark in the international business community. Tune in now to Better English, Better Business and elevate your English skills to excel in today's competitive environment!
Discover how to tackle distractions and enhance your productivity in this insightful episode.

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