2020-08-16 25 min

Description & Show Notes

Welcome to Retreat Affairs. 
In the first episode of the podcast your host Sascha Kaus talks about his journey that let him create Retreat Affairs.
Retreat Affairs is a weekly podcast with stories, insights, and inspiration from leading retreat experts, teachers, and mind shifters. 
In the podcast host Sascha Kaus talks to some of the most inspiring people in the retreat world so you can have a little taste of retreat and go on a journey with your host and his guests. 
We will travel together around the world and meet people that create life-changing experiences. We will explore what motivates them to hold space for us, so we can go out of our daily routine and embark on a trip that often enables deep transformation. 
Sascha will interview teachers and we will learn about what they have to share and offer in and beyond retreat. We will learn from experts in the field what it takes to manage and run successful retreats. We will travel to exotic and stunning locations that could become the destination for your next retreat.