2020-08-22 102 min

Description & Show Notes

Anthony Abbagnano has been a pioneer throughout his life. He studied with great spiritual teachers in his early twenties, built a successful career while being a young single parent, followed his spiritual calling to India and Bali and he has faced challenges that made him the kind of leader whose words and teachings feel genuine and understandable.
For more than a decade Anthony has dedicated his life to the breath. Anthony is the founder of Alchemy of Breath and has created one of the most comprehensive systems of breathwork that you'll find today. He has introduced the breath and it's potential to address trauma, addiction, stress, anxiety and other modern-day challenges to thousands of breathers around the world.
His weekly free online breathwork sessions are attended by people from all over the world and all walks of life. Anthony aims all of his efforts at bringing the power of the breath to as many people as possible and with Alchemy of Breath he has created the most comprehensive and widely accredited breathwork training available.
Now Anthony brings all of his life experience into rebuilding an abandoned retreat-centre in Tuscany / Italy and turn it into ASHA the Alchemy School of Healing Arts and a platform for the community that he has built of the past few years.
In this episode, you will hear about Anthony's early spiritual experiences with great teachers, how he built his first retreat centre in the nineties in Italy and how his journeys brought him to India, Bali and back to Italy. Anthony speaks about he found his purpose in life, how he defines leadership and community and how we can live a meaningful life by opening up to our emotions.
Inhale, exhale, enjoy!