2020-09-07 95 min

Description & Show Notes

Vivi Letsou and Eraj Shakib are the owners and hosts at Zen Rocks Mani a stunning retreat center in the Mani area in the western Peloponnese in Greece. They both have been living in the US for more than 20 years and It has been Vivi's long time dream to return to her home country Greece and build a retreat center. It took them many years and a lot of effort and dedication to get closer to their dream. Along the way, they have opened the leading Yoga and Pilates center in Greece and they are running Avocado a vegetarian restaurant that is famous for its great food far beyond Athens.
In this episode, they share their journey with us and how they have always believed in their dream. It's inspiring to listen to the two and feel how their love for each other and the practice helped them to go through all the different challenges and follow their hearts.
Kalimera Vivi & Eraj