2020-10-11 71 min

Jake Sasseville is one of the co-founders of Imiloa Institute, a world-class luxury retreat venue in the Jungle of Costa Rica. Jake and his partners and the team on-site build a truly transformational place. 

In his early twenties Jake hosted and produced his own TV show "The Edge with Jake Sasseville" and he started his podcast "The Jake Sasseville Show" already back in 2014 where he interviewed a wide variety of guests from sports, showbiz, best-selling authors and musicians or transformational coaches. Jake has been on his very own transformational journey and I found it remarkable how open he spoke on his podcast about his life challenges. On Imiloas website it says: “Imiloa Institute invites guests to awaken their consciousness by creating the experience of home.”

If you listen to this episode you will hear Jake's story and you will get a sense of how much that is connected to his own story.