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This podcast series covers various facets of the growing cannabis market, including legal and regulatory developments, innovative technologies, business opportunities, market research, and trends. Hosted by experts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, the podcast provides valuable insights and advice for those involved in or interested in the cannabis industry. It serves as an information source and knowledge-sharing platform to help professionals and enthusiasts navigate this emerging and evolving field.

Germany's Challenging Cannabis Reforms: Navigating Medicinal Cannabis, Industrial Hemp and Adult-Use Regulation - Updates and Challenges

This podcast was recorded as part of the Cannabis Business Expo and Conference 2023 in Drotmund, Germany.

02.10.2023 45 min Staffel 1 Episode 1

Where there's a will, there's no way? According to the German legislature, the will exists to re-regulate legal industries around the hemp plant in a new and solution-oriented manner. Only seemingly are the possibilities lacking. The step backwards after the initial framework paper in the consumer goods market, the absurd BtM sword of Damocles for all industrial hemp actors, the uncertain future for medical cannabis flowers. How industry and legislators finally leave the status quo behind will be discussed in this panel discussion.

Langugage: German

  • Moritz Förster (Moderator), www.krautinvest.de, Editor-in-Chief
  • Dirk Heidenblut (Speaker), The German Bundestag, SPD Member
  • Daniel Kruse (Speaker), EIHA, President
  • Dirk Heitepriem (Speaker), Branchenverband Cannabiswirtschaft, Vizepräsident
  • Dr. Ferdinand Weis (Speaker), Anwalts- und Notarkanzlei Dr. Engelhard, Weimar & Kollegen, Lawyer
  • Katanja Kurth-Grieser (Speaker), Cansativa GmbH, Head of Legal/In-house lawyer

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