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Corinne Wilhelm
Experts Speak English! gives you hands on tips and tricks to improve your corporate communication in international business. Whether formal or informal, every conversation has an impact on your reputation as the expert in your career. Find out how to communicate like a pro in any situation. Every Thursday afternoon, created by Corinne Wilhelm from English Speaking Experts. She created this for her advanced and native speaking experts, predominantly in dynamic and agile teams, ready to make a difference in their career and secure the reputation that they deserve. 
Are you as really as humble as you think you are? Do you struggle with the term humble or humility (or Demut in German) Do you notice the contribution that others make? Do you get the big picture or are you stuck in the weeds of your own role? If you want to find out more about how to identify humility, practice and measure it, this will be a fascinating podcast episode for you with Francisca Frank and your host Corinne Wilhelm.

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