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form x Driving the Human: Brigitte Baptiste

03.03.2023 52 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Welcome to our fifth episode from the Driving the Human festival! When we met Brigitte Baptiste, we were kind of intimidated because her CV made such an impact on us. She is a biologist from Colombia. She was the director of the Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute for nearly 10 years. She currently serves as the President of the Ean University. She is considered an expert on environmental and biodiversity issues. And she is called an activist by some.
We talked with her about what queer ecology is, her coming-out as a transgender person 25 years ago which changed her view on ecology drastically and things that give her hope these days. This might be our favourite episode from the festival, so give it a listen.

Hosts: Anton Rahlwes, Nina Sieverding
Audio Editing: Tobias Hausdorf 

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