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Design umgibt und betrifft uns alle. Und doch fehlen uns oft die Worte, wenn wir beschreiben sollen, was Design eigentlich ist. Der form Design Podcast schafft Abhilfe. Im Gespräch mit Designexpert*innen aus verschiedenen Feldern nähern sich Anton Rahlwes und Nina Sieverding der Idee von Design an.
Welcome to the sixth and final special episode from the Driving the Human festival! Yuri Tuma is an old acquaintance of ours – or should we say an old friend? We first met him in 2021 in the legendary summer school Domaine de Boisbuchet where he was causing some attention because he was wearing a plush tail attached to his trousers with a little red bow dangling from the end. Just recently, he had been hanging out a lot in the online message boards of the “furries” – a subculture that worships anthropomorphic animals. But apart from geeky subcultures, Yuri has a lot of other interesting things to talk about. The sound artist from São Paulo is one of the founding members of the Institute for Postnatural Studies in Madrid that challenges our concept of nature. Recently, Yuri is also diving into the field of art mediation. And that’s exactly why Driving the Human called him to give a special kind of guided tour at the festival site. Listen to the podcast to find out what connects mediation and meditation – and to enjoy a spontanious meditation session by Yuri.

Hosts: Anton Rahlwes, Nina Sieverding
Audio Editing: Tobias Hausdorf 

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