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Manuel Hund, Miriam Kasus, Martin Kasus
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Scotland and whisky go together like fish and chips, biscuits and tea or gin and tonic. 

On "Inside Whisky - The Barrel Talk" we talk to people working in the whisky industry and listen to their stories - may they be about whisky, their lives or the places they live in. 

Our podcast might be a bit geeky from time to time but whisky beginners will also find joy when listening to The Barrel Talk.

Latest episode

"If Scotland was a whisky, it would be a Springbank" - that was one of the first reactions we got when starting to promote our latest episode of "The Barrel Talk". We just found this statement so perfectly fitting that we had to include it here. Springbank is so much more than just a whisky, it's probably one of the "truest" Scottish spirits you will find, it's history, it's a myth, it's family, it's delicously dirty and it is sought after. In this episode we are talking to Springbank's Nicole Lindsay, who we met in Cadenhead's tasting room in Campbeltown for the recording. Tune in and find out more about Springbank's ethos, their history, some exciting new releases and about some quite photogenic employees of the distillery - it's gonna be interesting, informative, entertaining and fun - so don't hesitate and join us on "Inside Whisky - The Barrel Talk".

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