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Scotland and whisky go together like fish and chips, biscuits and tea or gin and tonic. 

On "Inside Whisky - The Barrel Talk" we talk to people working in the whisky industry and listen to their stories - may they be about whisky, their lives or the places they live in. 

Our podcast might be a bit geeky from time to time but whisky beginners will also find joy when listening to The Barrel Talk.

Inside Rosebank Distillery with Malcolm Rennie

Batch 5 Episode 4

2024-06-07 30 min

Today, the 7th of June 2024, marks the day that Rosebank finally opens its doors to visitors again and we got the chance to have a look behind the curtain shortly before the grand reopening of the distillery to talk to distillery manager Malcolm Rennie.

Originally being founded in 1840, Rosebank had to endure a lot of agony up to this point in 2024 and we don’t know, yet, what the future holds for the distillery. But what we can say already with absolute certainty: Ian Macleod Distillers, the owners of Rosebank, have outdone themselves by reawakening this sleeping giant. The distillery building offers an impressive mix of architecture, incorporating old and new elements alike, also including the iconic Rosebank chimney, showcasing the year 1840. Within the building, the chimney marks the borderline dividing the production areas of mashing and distilling. Perfect.

Listen in and learn more about Rosebank, which is a rather unusual Lowland distillery with its uncommon mix of triple distillation and worm tub condensers, and get to know Malcolm Rennie, the man behind the reimagined Rosebank spirit, whose experience in the world of whisky is hard to rival. We were utterly impressed!

Lean back, tune in, and be one of the very first to get to peek behind the curtain of Rosebank Distillery – you won’t be disappointed.

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