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Scotland and whisky go together like fish and chips, biscuits and tea or gin and tonic. 

On "Inside Whisky - The Barrel Talk" we talk to people working in the whisky industry and listen to their stories - may they be about whisky, their lives or the places they live in. 

Our podcast might be a bit geeky from time to time but whisky beginners will also find joy when listening to The Barrel Talk.

Inside Lagg Distillery with Graham Omand

Batch 4 Episode 3

2022-09-09 54 min

We’re back on the Isle of Arran – we really love this little island! 

And no! Even though we greatly enjoy our chats with Andy Bell of Lochranza Distillery, we don’t have him on the podcast this time – and actually this episode is not even about Lochranza Distillery.

Instead, we will focus on the Isle of Arran’s newest gem: Lagg Distillery (what a beautiful place!!).

We travelled all the way to the south end of Arran, straight into the Scottish Lowlands (wait, really?!) to talk to Lagg’s distillery manager Graham Omand. Of course, we also discussed the Lowlands, Highlands, Islands topic – because things are not as clear-cut for Lagg Distillery as for most other Scottish whisky producers, but Graham will happily tell you more about this topic – listen for yourself.

Furthermore, find out more about Graham – the Islay man on Arran –, about the venture of setting up a new distillery, about Lagg’s inaugural releases and about what Donkey Kong and Super Mario have to do with them. Of course, that’s not all and there is a lot more to learn and discover…

… So pour a dram, lean back, tune in and get to know Graham Omand and Lagg Distillery.

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