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Cars have occupied public space for a long time, benefitting only the owners. But public space should be for everyone, right?
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Today's episode has a deliberate satirical flavour – but it deals with a rather serious topic: The incredibly illogical allocation of (almost) free public space to cars.

Public space, as the name suggests, should be usable by the public and not just by a few. In practice, however, society gives away around 12 square metres of public space for owners of cars in most residential areas – owning a car gets rewarded with free space on top.

In this episode, our colleagues Ralf and Bonnie of Rupprecht Consult interview three imaginary people who extrapolate this just an inch to the next logical, and rather creative conclusion.

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Jingle: Wolfram Buchta
Visual: Marie Rupprecht, Alexander Büche
Speakers: Ralf Brand, Bonnie Fenton, Wolfram Buchta, Lisa Marie Brunner, Lasse Brand