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 Mobility Planet is all about innovative and sustainable mobility. We will talk among ourselves but also invite experts from other fields and all around the world to join us, sharing our ideas and knowledge with everybody. Aiming to spread our fascinating topics even outside of our discipline, we will create a platform for our projects and partners to speak up and keep talking. 

#06 Can we regulate car traffic with geofencing?

How geofencing can help in the regulation of speed and emissions in cities.

2021-12-13 26 min

Bonnie and Anouchka are currently working on a project for urban vehicle access regulations. Basically, that means ways to reduce car access to parts of cities to make them cleaner, safer and more attractive for people. But how do we make sure that hybrid cars are is in electric mode inside the zero-emission zone? That’s when geofencing comes into play.

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#05 SUNRISE - Cars or kids? Mobility planning at the neighbourhood level

Pitfalls and possibilities with neighbourhood-based mobility planning.

2021-10-01 32 min

Bringing together the two very different scales – the city-wide level needed for integrated planning and the people-oriented on-the-ground neighbourhood leve...

#04 Private versus public: The new mobility culture clash

And what is the Netflix of new mobility?

2021-08-01 32 min

In the final episode of the GECKO project, we're talking about the possible conflicts between sectors in the context of regulating new mobility, especially t...

#03 New mobility: What’s the big deal about data?

How do we make good use of what we collect?

2021-07-01 33 min

With all the technology involved in new mobility, data plays a big role. In fact, data has been referred to as “the new oil”. But while oil resources are run...