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 Mobility Planet is all about innovative and sustainable mobility. We will talk among ourselves but also invite experts from other fields and all around the world to join us, sharing our ideas and knowledge with everybody. Aiming to spread our fascinating topics even outside of our discipline, we will create a platform for our projects and partners to speak up and keep talking. 

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With all the technology involved in new mobility, data plays a big role. In fact, data has been referred to as “the new oil”. But while oil resources are running out, the amount of data is increasing exponentially. The question is, what can we do with it? How do we make good use of it? And how can we protect our personal data? Let's find out in this month's episode of Mobility Planet.

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#02 How much do we need to regulate new mobility?

2021-06-01 33 min

In our first episode, we discussed the difficulties that decision makers encounter when trying to regulate new mobility. In this episode, we’re talking about...

#01 Regulating new mobility: Why is it so hard to do?

Where we should draw the line

2021-05-04 39 min

This is the first in a series of four podcasts looking at various aspects of new mobility and how to regulate it.  What are the main challenges from a policy...

#00 Public space is dead - long live public space

Recognising the value of parking space

2021-04-01 22 min

Cars have occupied public space for a long time, benefitting only the owners. But public space should be for everyone, right?