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#07 Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning for smaller cities

2023-02-27 41 min

Description & Show Notes

Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, or SUMP in short, helps to shape cities today for the mobility trends of tomorrow. What sounds great for large cities can easily be dismissed for small ones or towns. That's where the SUMP Guidelines for Small Cities come into play.

In this episode of Mobility Planet, we talk about these guidelines and what they can bring to the table for small city mobility planning. But what is a small city, and how can they benefit from SUMP? Are there advantages compared to larger cities, a town or small city could lever? And is this concept fitting every small city out there?

To answer these questions, we talked to our own Ralf Brand from Rupprecht Consult, and to Lasse Brand, a transport planner and SUMP expert for WSP in Sweden.
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Contributors: Bonnie Fenton, Ralf Brand, Lasse Brand, Hana Peters
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Visual: Marie Rupprecht, Alexander Büche