Remotyca Vol. 2

Venus O'Hara
Since 08/2023 31 Episoden
Our successful erotic listening series "Remotyca" is entering the next round.  Get ready for electrifying and stimulating stories written and narrated by the stunning orgasm activist  Venus O'Hara. 

In the Dark

A Remotyca story by Venus O’Hara.

08.02.2024 5 min

Actually, she should be working at a stand in a sex fair, promoting pleasure products. But she longs to wander and explore the other booths so much. Luckily, she meets him: an old friend with benefits. Together, they go on an adventure and disappear into the dark room. 

Weitere Folgen

Behind the Camera

A Remotyca story by Venus O’Hara.

01.02.2024 5 min

At first, she thinks her friends will propose a threesome, but then sexpert Venus is invited to watch the married couple having sex. With a camera in her han...

Better than Porn

A Remotyca story by Venus O’Hara.

25.01.2024 5 min

If you have great, sexy memories stored up that you can access when you need them, that's better than any porn. Remember when you checked into a love hotel w...

The Lady of the Rings

A Remotyca story by Venus O’Hara.

18.01.2024 6 min

The Lady of the Rings and her fiancé indulge in the sacred ritual of union using a vibrating cock ring. It's a unique kind of wedding ceremony – and incredib...