Rust in Production

Matthias Endler
This is "Rust in Production", a podcast about companies who use Rust to shape the
future of infrastructure. We follow their journey in pursuit of more reliable and
efficient software as they solve some of the most challenging technical
problems in the world.

Rust in Production Ep 8 - curl's Daniel Stenberg

Discover Curl's evolution since 1996 with founder Daniel. Explore its adaptability, language choices, and potential of Rust in low-level code. Embrace the passion for open-source collaboration driving Curl's success.

2024-05-02 73 min Season 2 Episode 1

In the season premier we talk to none other than Daniel Stenberg! We focus on integrating Rust modules in curl, their benefits, ways in which Rust and Rust crates helped improve curl, but also how curl helped those crates, and where curl is used in the official Rust toolchain. Along the way we also learn about the early history of curl and Rust, which section of your car's owner's-manual you should "re"-read, some weird HTTP edge-cases, and Daniel's experience in open-source maintainership.

And don't forget: have fun!