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#17 A Fresh Take: New insights, new horizons, and the new World of Work Trends Report

21.05.2024 23 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Welcome to the premiere episode of season two of "Share the Best“. This season, we’re taking a fresh, more international approach, with episodes primarily in English to accommodate our global audience. Join us as Host Patrik Rendel introduces Nathalie Medard, our insightful new co-host. With a background in psychology and a rich career spanning HR audit to client success, Nathalie brings a deep understanding of workplace dynamics to the table.

In this opening episode, we not only introduce Nathalie but also delve into the insights from the latest "World of Work Trends Report." Nathalie discusses five pivotal trends shaping the future of work, including the ethical use of generative AI, the emphasis on purpose-driven leadership, and the evolving landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This episode sets the stage for a season that promises to enrich your understanding of the workplace with expert analysis and forward-thinking discussions. Don't miss out on these compelling conversations designed to enhance your knowledge and influence within the world of work.