The World of RPGs

Moritz Botts
This podcast is about tabletop role-playing games around the world. In every episode, I interview RPG enthusiasts and professionals from a non-English speaking country about what games they play, what unique RPGs exist in their country, and how new people get into the hobby. Interviewees include regular gamers, club organizers, game shop owners, creators of actual play videos, RPG authors, and gaming studios. While some places are known for their large role-playing scene and have a lot of local RPG systems, other regions of the world have smaller scenes and might not even have a single RPG in the local language. Every regular episode ends with a teaser for the next country – an excerpt from an actual play recording in that country’s language.
The aim of this podcast is to broaden our horizon and find out about RPGs from all over the world. Enjoy!

Episode 14 - Hong Kong

2024-05-23 55 min

Surprise episode to round of the East Asia mini-series!

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Episode 13 - Japan

2024-05-01 88 min

The final of the big three, but not the last of the East Asia episodes, is Japan!

Episode 12 - Korea

2024-02-18 68 min

In the first episode of 2024 and our second part of the visit to the East Asian countries, we take a look at the gaming scene in (South) Korea. Also, yes, I ...

Episode 11 - China

2023-12-24 89 min

We start our trip to East Asia with an episode about the role-playing scene in China.