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From Burnout to Balance
Since 01/2024 7 episodes
This podcast for women is dedicated to working moms who suffer from constant exhaustion, chronic diseases, mental overload, frustration, unfulfillment, depression, and self-doubts – in short: Working Mom Burnout. Are you sick of being sick and tired and ready for true physical, mental, emotional & spiritual balance in your busy working mom everyday life? Ready to set new working mom normality standards? Determined to transform your life from Working Mom Burnout to Woman by Nature Balance? If so, this podcast is your guide. 
Spring is detox time! When speaking of detox, purification, and cleansing we usually think of treatments that help releasing toxins that penetrate our bodily system. However, holistic detox also considers mental, emotional, social, and spiritual cleansing methods and techniques. In this episode, you learn about methods that help cleanse & purify your holistic organism by holistic means. I share with you what working mom detox means, why you can profit from it, and how to implement it in your busy working mom everyday life. 

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06 BodyMindSoul-Intelligence Part 2: 5 Reasons why it Doesn’t Work Anymore

2024-02-14 28 min

This episode presents 5 hypotheses of why it is that we do not anymore use our innate BodyMindSoul-Intelligence, why we have stopped relying on the signs and...

05 Rock Your Beauty: Why Aiming at Being Beautiful is Healthy and not Superficial

How to Bring More Beauty into Your Life

2024-02-07 27 min

Too often, we hear that wanting to be beautiful equals being superficial and falling prey to unimportant values. Believing in this can be harmful, because it...

04 BodyMindSoul-Intelligence Part 1

How it Helps Prevent or Overcome Working Mom Burnout

2024-01-31 26 min

Ever heard of the concept of BodyMindSoul-Intelligence? Knowing about and re-activating it is an absolute MUST for preventing or overcoming Working Mom Exhau...