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Steffen Emrich
This podcast is all about the topic of cohabitation.It was supposed to be a German-language podcast, but the events in Ukraine have of course overtaken me too, and so this podcast is first about the commitment of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) -Europe and GEN-Ukraine and their support for people in Ukraine. But it will also be about communities in general. 

My name is Steffen Emrich, and I have been closely involved with communities for about 25 years. I advise communities, am a sociocracy trainer and, among other things, a founding member of GEN-Germany and currently active on the board of GEN-Europe. 

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# 3 Anastasyia Volkovo tells us why time stood still in Ukraine on 24 February

What GEN-Ukraine is doing to help refugees in Ukraine.

06.04.2022 30 min

 Anastasyia Volkova 

 Welcome to the 3rd episode of this podcast "all about Community". Thank you for the great and helpful feedback I have already received. 
 The war in Ukraine is now in its sixth week and no one knows how the situation will develop. Already at the end of March I was lucky enough to talk to Anastasyia Volkova. She lives in the ecovillage Zeleni Kruchi, pretty much in the middle of Ukraine and she told me how she experienced the first days of the war, why time stood still in Ukraine on 24 February and what has changed for her as a young mother but also as a permaculture and ecovillage activist since then. 

If you want to know more about the work of GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) and specifically about the work of GEN-Ukraine and how you can support this important work, please also visit our website.

All donations with the keyword Ukraine will go directly to Ukraine or (in consultation with the team in Ukraine) to neighboring countries (Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary) to support communities there that host refugees. #

Donations to: GEN-Europe I Keyword Ukraine I Postbank Berlin, bank code 10010010,
Account no. 7681105
IBAN: DE 11100100007681105

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