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We present Craft CMS and the whole ecosystem in detail in the podcast. Talks with developers, designers, and editors who use the user-friendly content management system. And, of course, news about releases and plugins.

Inside Kirby CMS

From Files to Features with Bastian Allgeier

2024-04-27 70 min Thomas Sausen

Tune in to this  episode as Thomas sits down with Bastian Allgeier, the  creator of Kirby CMS. They delve into the narrative of Kirby's inception, the strategic choice of a file-based system, and the extensive customization capabilities that make Kirby a developer's dream. 

Bastian opens up about his choice to forgo a traditional PHP framework in favor of a more tailored approach with PHP and Vue.js, highlighting the platform's adaptability and ease of use.

Listen as they discuss the core team's dynamic, the foundational story of Kirby as a company, and the pivotal role of community and enduring partnerships. Bastian also gives an inside look at how new developers are brought into the Kirby fold and breaks down the various licensing options at their disposal. 

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