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Craft CMS - Ten Years and Beyond!
Past, Present and Future with Brandon Kelly

2023-06-14 78 min Thomas Sausen

In today's episode, Thomas Sausen joins Brandon Kelly to celebrate 10 years of Craft CMS. Brandon is the founder and CEO of Pixel & Tonic, the team behind the CMS. 
Selling a relationship - Running an agency

2023-05-29 53 min Thomas Sausen

Andrew Armittage, the founder of A Digital agency, is a seasoned expert in the digital industry for over 15 years. In the 12th episode of Craftentries, Andrew talks about the challenges behind his agency and what challenges lie ahead with AI, among other things. He also provides insights into agency life and how his team is structured.
Not hard to sell - using Craft CMS as an agency
How and why A Digital is using Craft CMS

2023-04-28 45 min Thomas Sausen

Andrew Armitage, the founder of A Digital agency, is a seasoned expert in the digital industry who has worked with various content management systems over the years. Among the platforms he has used, he has found Craft CMS to be a precious tool for his agency's web development projects. Learn more about why Craft is so helpful for agencies in episode 11 of Craftentries.
Lost in the Sierra Nevada with Andrew Welch
Decades of Joy - Software Development from Apple to SEOmatic

2023-03-30 53 min Thomas Sausen

In the 10th episode, Thomas Sausen is lost in the Sierra Nevada with Andrew Welch. Accompanies the two on a wild road trip. From 15-year-old Andrew Welch, who taught himself the Pascal programming language to later start a software company for Apple Computers. To the adult Andrew, who closed the lucrative company decades later to break new ground in web development.  Today, he has a driving plugin business with SEOmatic, one of the most popular Craft CMS plugins, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance with his dog and family. What a ride! 
From Dreamweaver to Craft - The story of a female web developer
Moving from WordPress to Craft CMS

2022-11-28 32 min Thomas Sausen

In the 9th episode, Thomas Sausen has web developer Charlie Dowley as a guest. Charlie talks about her journey as a web developer in a male-dominated industry. From her beginnings as a graphic designer, her first coding steps with Dreamweaver, to years of working as a WordPress developer and finally to moving to Craft CMS. This episode covers Plugin recommendations, career tips, and how women can break into the tech world. 
Surviving a web development career
John Henry Donovan, a career under the stairs and other stories

2022-10-21 66 min Thomas Sausen

In the 8th episode, Thomas Sausen looks forward to meeting John Henry Donovan, who tells how he literally survived his career as a web developer. From the beginnings with ExpressionEngine to Craft CMS. His experiences as a speaker at web conferences and unexpected drastic health problems are discussed.  You should listen to this episode if you've always wanted to know how a father of four manages his freelance business, hobbies like pottery, and family life.
Ten years of Statamic
Past, present and future of the CMS

2022-09-27 55 min Thomas Sausen

In the 7th episode of Craftentries, Thomas Sausen welcomes Jack McDade as a guest. Jack created the file-based CMS Statamic in 2012. In the podcast, we talk about his beginnings in the ExpressionEngine community, how he almost developed a joint CMS with Brandon Kelly, and why he ended up releasing Statamic. Other topics include Statamic's unique features and what's planned for the near future.
Natural Progression – from BASIC to Plugins
Ben Crokers journey as a plugin developer

2022-09-02 65 min Thomas Sausen

In episode 6 of Craftentries, Thomas Sausen welcomes Ben Croker as a guest. Ben founded PutYourLightsOn in 2007 and has been building and supporting plugins since the initial release of Craft CMS in 2013. We talk in-depth about his beginnings as a programmer but also about his plugin business and the Craft CMS ecosystem.
Justin Holts web developer journey from HTML sites to Craft CMS
But hobbies and his first upcoming presentation at Dot All 2022 are also discussed.

2022-08-15 58 min Thomas Sausen

In episode 5 of Craftentries, Thomas Sausen welcomes Justin Holt as a guest. Justin works as a freelance web developer in Charlotte (NC, USA) and specializes in Craft CMS. In the podcast, Justin talks about his career from college and his first HTML website - a BMX magazine - to CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine to Craft CMS. We also learn how he switches off, his hobbies, and what talk he'll be giving at Dot All 2022 in New York (USA).
New in Craft CMS 4.1 and 4.2
Looking back at the closure of Mijingo

2022-07-27 13 min Thomas Sausen

The Craft CMS 4.1 and 4.2 updates improve accessibility, user interface, and developer experience. In the field layout editor, "newline" elements can be added, and Collections get the .one() method.  I also look back at the closure of learning platform Mijingo and why its spiritual successor CraftQuest is worth supporting.
New in Craft CMS 4.0
What are the new features of Craft CMS 4.0? Is an upgrade worthwhile?

2022-05-06 11 min Thomas Sausen

The long wait has ended, and the latest version of Craft CMS was released on Star Wars Day, May 4, 2022. What new features can users and developers look forward to, and what features are still missing? Subtopics include conditional fields, user and file management, and Laravel Collections.
WordPress or Craft CMS for client projects?
How to find the right CMS for the right job?

2022-03-25 22 min Thomas Sausen

Which CMS can be used to realize which projects well? When does WordPress have its advantages over Craft CMS, and when is it the other way around? These and more questions will be clarified in this episode. The content management systems are compared in terms of templating, plugins, control panel, security, and e-commerce.
2021 - Year in Review
And what can we expect from 2022?

2022-01-05 21 min Thomas Sausen

2021 in review. In the Craft cosmos, there were good releases with 3.6 and 3.7 and a thriving digital event with Dot All 2021. In addition, the PHP Foundation was founded, and John Morton left Craft Link List. What can we expect from 2022?

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