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Thomas Sausen
Since 01/2022 7 episodes
We present Craft CMS and the whole ecosystem in detail in the podcast. Talks with developers, designers, and editors who use the user-friendly content management system. And, of course, news about releases and plugins.

Ten years of Statamic

Past, present and future of the CMS

2022-09-27 55 min Thomas Sausen

In the 7th episode of Craftentries, Thomas Sausen welcomes Jack McDade as a guest. Jack created the file-based CMS Statamic in 2012. In the podcast, we talk about his beginnings in the ExpressionEngine community, how he almost developed a joint CMS with Brandon Kelly, and why he ended up releasing Statamic. Other topics include Statamic's unique features and what's planned for the near future.

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Natural Progression – from BASIC to Plugins

Ben Crokers journey as a plugin developer

2022-09-02 65 min

In episode 6 of Craftentries, Thomas Sausen welcomes Ben Croker as a guest. Ben founded PutYourLightsOn in 2007 and has been building and supporting plugins ...

Justin Holts web developer journey from HTML sites to Craft CMS

But hobbies and his first upcoming presentation at Dot All 2022 are also discussed.

2022-08-15 58 min

In episode 5 of Craftentries, Thomas Sausen welcomes Justin Holt as a guest. Justin works as a freelance web developer in Charlotte (NC, USA) and specializes...

New in Craft CMS 4.1 and 4.2

Looking back at the closure of Mijingo

2022-07-27 13 min

The Craft CMS 4.1 and 4.2 updates improve accessibility, user interface, and developer experience. In the field layout editor, "newline" elements can be adde...

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